Match Schedule

The club hosts of number of regular matches each month:

Smallbore rifle -1st Saturday, 9:00 AM, on the rifle range.  Sign-up from 8:00 to 8:45.

Bullseye pistol – Suspended until a new match director is found

Hi-Power rifle – 2nd Sunday, 9:00 AM, on the rifle range

CMP Rimfire Sporter match – 3rd Saturday, 9:00 AM, on the old Bullseye range

Action pistol – 4th Saturday, 9:00 AM, on the cone range

4 Responses to Match Schedule

  1. Don Perryman says:

    OKC Gun Club website shows a match at your location on Nov 14, 2015. Can you confirm this.

    • soscdavis says:

      As far as I know the regularly scheduled Bullseye pistol match will take place on the 14th. They sometimes suspend those matches during the colder months though, so you might want to double-check with Ben Randall, the Bullseye match director. His email is

  2. Sterling Tucker says:

    What are the rules and distances for the his power rifle match?

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