Meetings are once again being held at the Murray County Expo Center, just west of Sulphur on Highway 7. We’re meeting in the main exhibit hall to allow room for social distancing.

Due to a combination of factors, all matches for December are cancelled. We’ll let you know which ones are starting up again in January.

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Meeting location changed

All club meetings will be held at the range itself for the foreseeable future to allow for proper social distancing. The monthly meeting time will stay the same: the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.

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M1 Garand Match November 9th

The club will be hosting an M1 Garand rifle match on November 9th at 9:00 AM.  Shooters should bring an M1 Garand or other WWII-era military rifle firing a full power cartridge (no .223 or 7.62×39).  This is a 50 round match: 10 rounds standing rapid fire, 10 rounds sitting rapid fire, 10 rounds prone rapid fire, and 20 rounds prone slow fire.  You will be firing at SR-1 style targets at 100 yards.  Bring your rifle, ammo, and some kind of open chamber indicator for safety.  There is a $5 entry fee to cover range costs.  Non-members are welcome to join the match.

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