January meeting and dues increase

Our first meeting of 2016 will take place tomorrow, January 12th, at the Davis Public Library.  Please remember that all members must renew their memberships at this meeting in order to keep using the range.  The combination to the gate lock will be changed shortly after this meeting.

Also, annual membership dues have been raised to $60 as of this year.  If necessary, you can still purchase work days for $48 each, though.

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2 Responses to January meeting and dues increase

  1. Linda Libasci says:

    Do you have a 2016 Bullseye schedule? I saw one for 2013 on your website. Will SOSC host the state championships or regional?

    • soscdavis says:

      Hi Linda – We don’t have a Bullseye schedule right now, since we also don’t have a Bullseye match director. All our Bullseye matches are on hold until we find someone to take over running them.

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